Why Choose A Step Ahead Math?


In-home Personalized Math Tutoring:
If you ask any teacher what they would change in their classroom, it would be to have more time to give individual, personalized attention to each of their students. There are simply too many students and not enough time in a class period. Sue Pinion provides in-home, private, personalized  mathematics tutoring for students who want to do just that…receive in-home individualized instruction from a certified mathematics teacher…catch up, keep up, and stay a step ahead. Online options are also available.

Watch Your Math Knowledge Grow:
Students may turn to a math tutor for help when they get behind in a math class because they want help with their homework the night before it is due or they are trying to cram for tests. This rarely improves a student’s overall essential knowledge of the course. Staying a step ahead in the course is a much better approach. The strategies employed by Sue Pinion provide students with opportunities for learning so that cramming becomes unnecessary and last minute panic attacks are a thing of the past.

It All Adds Up:
How can A Step Ahead Math help provide that opportunity for the student that matters most to you? How can A Step Ahead Math help you and your student manage their mathematical learning? By using a process called Review / Reinforce / Preview, students can avoid the stress and sleepless nights which come from feeling unprepared for class. Students can stay a step ahead.


“The tactics she used in her math classes taught students that math just wasn’t about numbers and equations. She taught us the deeper meaning…the “why” in the math world. She definitely knows her stuff and is inspired to pass it on to others. She was AWESOME!!! “

Cara Blenke, Calculus Student, 2010-11

“If you want to slide through math easily, just learn what you need for a test and squeak by, go elsewhere. But if you want to get a great understanding of math from the ground up and to learn beyond the textbook, Mrs. Pinion is the one to see!”

Patrick Morton, AP Calculus BC student, 2009-2010, Princeton Student