Who is A Step Ahead Math?


Are you looking for a math tutor? Are you looking for someone who can not only tutor your student, but also teach your student mathematics? Are you looking for someone who will come to your home and provide mathematics instruction at a personalized level which will allow your student to catch up, keep up, and get a step ahead? Are you looking for someone who can provide online tutoring as well as in-home tutoring? I am Sue Pinion, and I am the one you are looking for!

Does your Algebra student need to improve their grade? Does your Geometry or Trigonometry student want to keep their high grade point average? Does your AP Calculus student want to pass the AP exam with a grade high enough to exempt college Calculus and receive college credit? I am the one who can help make that happen!

I would like to help you manage your student’s mathematical education. I want to make sure your student not only catches up, but also keeps up, and even stays a step ahead in their math class! My experience  and expertise, powered by my love of mathematics and enthusiasm for technology, is exactly what you need to feel confident that your student gets the best possible math help.

I have spent 40 years developing my teaching skills and expertise in all areas of high school mathematics. The first 25 years of my teaching career focused on high school and college mathematics, including Algebra One, Algebra Two, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Precalculus. My teaching emphasis for the last 15 years has been Advanced Placement Calculus AB and BC.

My Advanced Placement AB and BC students have consistently passed the AP exam with scores above the national average. National passing averages for AP Calculus AB are consistently about 55%, with AP Calculus BC passing averages about 80%. From 2000-2012, 91% of my AP Calculus AB students passed the AP exam with a 3 or better. During the same period of time, 95% of my AP Calculus BC students have passed the AP exam with a 3 or better.

In order to receive certification to teach AP classes, a teacher is required to attend an intensive five day summer course for each course taught and an annual one day workshop, both taught by College Board. The certification process also requires that a course syllabus be approved by College Board in order to certify that the teacher is teaching the required curriculum as outlined by the College Board. These requirements must be met if the course is labeled as an Advanced Placement class. I have completed all of these requirements and have been certified as an Advanced Placement Calculus AB teacher as well as an Advanced Placement Calculus BC teacher since the inception of the audit program. I have also been instrumental in designing and building AP Calculus programs at both North Gwinnett High School and Jefferson High School and training other teachers to teach AP Calculus as well.

I have successfully helped hundreds of students navigate through their mathematical careers. I have provided math instruction for students at every level of ability, teaching both students who were struggling and those at the top of their class. I feel that I have made a positive difference for each and every one of them.

My former students include those from Clarkston High School, Parkview High School, Jefferson High School, North Gwinnett High School, DeKalb College, and Georgia Perimeter College. These students have attended universities such as The University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Tulane, Duke, Cal Tech, Northwestern, NYU, Princeton, MIT, and Harvard. Their careers include physicists, doctors, lawyers, teachers, insurance salesmen, missionaries, and veterinarians.

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“Mrs. Pinion is the reason I made my decision to become a math teacher. I was so lucky to have her as my senior AP calculus teacher. It was so obvious to me that she loved her students and loved math. The passion that she had for teaching math made me look forward to her class every day.” Heather Rigsby, AP Calculus BC Student, 2009-10


“Our kids were so lucky and blessed to be taught by you. They are successful in their budding science careers because of the SOLID, EXCELLENT math foundation you gave them. ” Lorraine Buckbinder, parent


I got a 5 on my AP exam and it was thanks to you as a teacher! You challenged me as a student and I saw so much improvement in my study skills and work ethic. Thanks a bunch! Connor Brank, student, AP Calculus BC, 2011-12



My educational background:

  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics – LaGrange College
  • Masters of Education degree in Mathematics Education – Georgia State University
  • Educational Specialist degree in Mathematics Education – University of Georgia
  • Valid State of Georgia Teaching Certification
  • Gifted Education Certification
  • Advanced Placement Calculus AB and BC College Board Certification
My personal recognitions:
  • Yearbook dedication
  • Teacher of the Year
  • STAR Teacher