What is the A Step Ahead Math Process?

The private instruction philosophy of A STEP AHEAD MATH is Review/Reinforce/Preview. This method allows students, some whom did not necessarily start out on the advanced math track, to enter Calculus their senior year prepared and supported in their endeavor. A private, in-home mathematics tutor will provide your student with personalized instruction beyond that of a traditional math tutor. As a highly qualified, experienced mathematics teacher, Sue Pinion will teach your student conceptually in order to establish a foundation for future mathematical learning. This process is an investment in your student’s mathematical future.


Sue Pinion will provide an in-home free assessment of your student’s needs and make a recommendation as to the best plan to manage your student’s mathematical career. If the determination is made that the A STEP AHEAD MATH tutoring process is the best fit for the student and the instructor, future in-home tutoring sessions are then scheduled, preferably once a week, with options available for additional support between in-home sessions.


This part of the process involves reviewing students’ past work samples and contacting the classroom instructors, if desired, in order to determine the necessary skills which need to be reviewed and gaps which need to be filled. Students are also directed to videos as a part of the Review process. The student can watch them before the in-home tutoring session and assemble questions from their own notes and the videos. This will help students grasp relevant mathematical concepts and determine questions in advance of the tutoring sessions. This is called  “Flipping the Classroom” or “Reverse Classroom”. By reviewing previous concepts, gaps in essential knowledge can be diagnosed.


Using topic specific individualized reinforcement exercises, Sue Pinion will help strengthen your student’s understanding of the concepts that they have previously been presented in class. Reinforcing concepts currently in progress builds student confidence in their day to day classroom performance. This confidence will allow small successes to be experienced along the way which can culminate in success on assessments.


Students will receive an introduction to the concepts they will be working on in their next block of instruction in their regular classroom. This is also part of the “Flipping the classroom” or “Reverse Classroom” process. Previewing is essential to staying a step ahead. Preview of coming material lays the foundation for better conceptual understanding. If a student previews the material before it is presented in the classroom, basic knowledge sits on a firm foundation allowing for deeper conceptual understanding.


Students will have additional opportunities for instruction based upon membership levels.

“When I reflect on Ms. Pinion’s teaching methods, two phrases come to mind: consistent excellence and constant innovation.”

Katherine Park, AP Calculus BC Student, 2005-06