Our FAQ’s

Why is A Step Ahead Math a Premium Mathematics Tutoring Service?

There are three approaches to providing math tutoring for your student:

1) Free Services –  Online resources.

There are some students who are able to watch online videos and successfully learn mathematics without any additional instruction. While videos are an important piece of the learning experience in today’s world, if they are used without guidance, students may spend hours trying to decide which video is the best for any particular topic. For instance, a Google search for the topic “Equilateral Triangle Video” returns 468,000 results. Choosing the correct video can be time consuming and confusing. Your student may be involved in extra-curricular activities which limit the amount of time available to sort through a multitude of options. This method may not build conceptual knowledge and might leave little time for anything else.

2) Basic Services – High School or College Tutors.

Many times these are students from a local high school or college who were successful in high school math themselves. Since that point in time, they may not have had experience with the particular subject your student is studying . They may have no training in either education or diagnostic tutoring. The student usually receives help with their homework and specific questions  over a specific topic. This method may allow the student to keep up with the current topic, but it may not fill missing gaps needed for future learning. This is usually a once a week meeting with a tutor who is not available for extra help between sessions. At the end of the hour a student may be prepared for the next class period in school, but may feel that they are constantly trying to catch up.

3) Premium Service – In-home veteran mathematics teacher.

Sue Pinion is a veteran, highly qualified mathematics educator who will come to your home and personalize your student’s mathematics tutoring. She can help your student learn mathematics at a depth necessary to take them to the next level. From extensive experience, Sue can quickly provide a focused approach to learning and pinpoint the important topics. This allows for the most efficient use of time during an instructional session. Sue knows where the learning issues will appear and uses methods to handle these issues before they occur.  She can provide alternate approaches and examples in a timely manner which does not detract from the instructional session. Sue Pinion has years of experience in developing strategic learning plans and will prepare a personalized lesson for each session with your student. This method will allow your student to catch up, keep up, and stay a step ahead.

Why are the sessions two hours in length?

The process of Review/Reinforce/Preview can only be executed effectively over a two-hour block of time. Most students are amazed at how quickly the time passes when instruction is meaningful. One hour sessions often turn from instructional sessions to homework help sessions and are not as productive. The two hours are necessary in order to stay a step ahead!

What is a free assessment?

Sue Pinion will meet with your student and ask to see previous work, if appropriate. She will assess the gaps in mathematical knowledge based upon the work samples provided and may also ask the student to answer some questions on prerequisite work required for success in the current course of study. There will be a consultation period with the parents regarding the results of the assessment.

Does an assessment require a commitment to an A Step Ahead Math package?

No. The assessment provides an opportunity for the student, parent, and instructor  to determine if the  A Step Ahead Math process is the best fit for your student’s learning needs. Sue will provide alternate suggestions based upon the needs of the students and the parents. No decision regarding a commitment is required at the time of the assessment.

Who will be teaching during the private sessions?

All  personalized instructional sessions are taught by Sue Pinion, a 40 year veteran of the high school classroom. Sue has taught students of all ability levels at all levels of mathematics and has the experience necessary to bring life to mathematical concepts.  She helps students  see the big picture of mathematics and its beauty through the hows and whys of its structure.

What takes place during a private instruction session?

Sue Pinion utilizes a process of Review / Reinforce / Preview as a model for her teaching. First, based upon the assessed needs of your student, previous concepts will be reviewed.  Concepts currently in progress are then reinforced. Finally, students will preview upcoming topics to stay a step ahead. This method lays a solid foundation for mathematical success! The last ten minutes of each private instruction session are set aside to discuss progress with parents, if desired.

What if my student needs help at other times during the week?

Additional academic support through distance learning sessions for students purchasing the Advanced or Premium Packages will be provided by Sue Pinion. Appointments for these sessions are subject to availability and may add one or two hours a week to the total instructional time depending upon the package purchased.


How often will you communicate with me and my student’s teacher?

Communication with the regular classroom teacher on a weekly basis, if requested by the parent, is included with all packages. Classroom teachers can be informed that the student is receiving supplemental instruction so that instruction can be coordinated, if so desired by the student and the parent. The last ten minutes of each private instruction session are set aside to discuss progress with parents, if desired.


How do I reschedule a tutoring session?

Sports activities and doctor commitments may arise rather spontaneously at times during the school year. Any cancellations or requests for date or time changes to your in-home personalized tutoring session should be made by text or voice mail to Sue Pinion at  706-202-5157 as soon as the conflict occurs.  Sometimes Sue will be able to reschedule an appointment to a weekend or another after-school slot. Missed sessions should be made up the same week whenever possible so as to maintain the continuity and effectiveness of the instructional program.

It is best to establish a regular schedule for instructional sessions.

Accommodating last minute requests may not be possible.